About Us

D&F Marine is a family owned and operated business in South Central Missouri. We strive to provide 100% satisfaction not only to our local customers but also to each and every customer that we've interacted with around the globe. The business was started nearly by accident in 2006 due to the demand for what we offered and only continues to grow each year.

2006- The business was started in a tiny attached garage of a small town home. What had been a hobby, had morphed into a small business by accident. I began working on a few motors for friends and family to help them get their boats back on the water. This quickly became a success with folks coming from far and wide to have us repair their motors or to buy hard to find used parts. This was also the beginning of our journey into e-commerce.

2013- We relocated to a rural residence that allowed the room for expansion and set the stage for future growth potential.

2017- The time had come to open a fulltime repair shop to help service the exploding customer base.

2018- A new repair shop was constructed with a small storefront to begin selling new parts and accessories to our local customers. We began to form partnerships with distributors to stock needed parts for our repair business and our local customers to ensure we had the common repair parts in stock.

2021- We took a giant leap and began construction on a building expansion to add a new store front, additional (larger) service bay and a small machine room to house a lathe, mill and other machine tools. As this was taking place. We also entered into agreements to become a dealer for Tohatsu outboards, Outboard Jets and other outboard part suppliers to keep expanding our product offering. 

We are still moving forward with more growth every day and will always have plans to keep the growth and expansion going as long as our loyal customer base continues to let us earn their business! When you allow us to provide you with parts and services, you aren't increasing the yearly bonus for a white collar CEO. You're allowing us to continue to grow a small family operation that was literally a grass roots, started with nothing, business. That you've helped us build from the ground up! We have not, nor will we ever lose sight of what makes our business great, OUR CUSTOMERS!